A downloadable Vocal for Windows

This is a prototype and only available on Windows. You can move using mouse and keyboard (WASD) or use a controller. As the mouse is very sensitive in the game I suggest using a controller.

This was part of a project and this build is 2 of 4 prototypes I did for this game. The idea was to experiment and work out how a game would play not as the character but as a 'voice' inside him trying to guide him.

If you are able, I would recommend using headphones.

I would really love honest feedback on this game as it is something I still have dreams about and would love to make.

If people are interested in the idea I can upload the other prototypes and we can continue the conversation.

Published Jun 21, 2016
TagsExperimental, Space, Third Person, voice


VocalDemo.zip 275 MB

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